Globin Slayer Episode 1 First Impression Review


Goblin Slayer: “A story of growth, friendship, and laughs along the way. You’ll never know what wonderful antics will spring up next on the journey of life! “This seems kinda generic, I hope something interesting happens. HOLY FUCK NEVER MIND.” Jesus Christ that made me uncomfortable *add to watch list. I knew this was a “dark fantasy” show, but that was pretty fucking brutal. These ain’t the goblins we’re used to boys. This girl is way more brave than I would be, “I’m still an adventurer”. Fuck that, I quit, gimme a job at an Appa stand or something.


“Do you have any potions?”


Holy hell these guys are going to die so bad. They were honestly the worst party I’ve ever seen, like yeah they were rookies but jfc, no supplies, 0 of the 4 of them seem to have any experience at all. Like the norm is for new adventurer’s to go out with some more experienced ones first and they managed to get a group of 4 that had not done that. Yo not even that. They had no strategy, no formation, they split up, no scouting, no fitting equipment, no teamwork, bad team comp for the job (two front liners instead of one front liner and a second liner), no escape plan other then run. Everything they could have done wrong they did wrong. That rape part was physically uncomfortable to watch God damn. That’s, like… the most disgusting reproductive cycle since Alien. It did make me appreciate clubbing kiddos to death though.


So yeah ultimately it’s just too bad for that party that they chose to follow a foolish/incompetent leader. As we saw, the dps were actually capable of one-shooting the little goblins fairly easily – they just needed some space and protection, which he as a tank failed to provide. As you pointed out, his equipment choice was telling about his incorrect mentality. If he thought and acted more as a part of a team, instead of some glorious warrior who would win renown and amaze children with his stories, and brought a shield instead, they’d probably have made it through that encounter.


If it makes you feel better, this is by far the most incompetent party we ever witness. They’re basically a sacrificial lamb to highlight how tactical and experienced Goblin Slayer is as a goblin hunting specialist. I do feel better watching Goblin Slayer slaying goblins because they’re literally demonic little fuckers.


I find the way he kills goblins extremely refreshing from a lot of other fantasy MCs. No OP powers or spells, just a man with so much experience under his belt that he executes to near perfection. This is a man who knows goblins so well he can accurately predict how many are in a nest and what their social structure/leader is like just from the decorations in their nest. Plus the way he kills them. Lots of tactics and strategy. Setting up a trap on the floor to trip up goblins so he can get an easy kill. Using the priest’s light spell as a flashbang to momentarily disorient them. Ambushing strats and constantly switching up his weapons by taking theirs and smashing them to bits with it. You also get a sense of his utter ruthless pragmatism, when he’s will to slaughter children and use torches and gasoline to burn them alive. This is going to be a fun MC to watch in action.


That was a flawless adaptation. I love that we have no OP and that the ED is just orchestral music. And I love the fact that they used a metal score for GS’s entrance, it was the perfect music for him. I guess the only other thing is that I hope they use CG sparingly, I noticed it in a couple of scenes like with some of the Goblins and GS’s armor in one cut but for the most part everything else is hand drawn. Not as censored as Terra Formars, thankfully. Obviously, not as explicit as the manga, but still pretty good. Nothing like some goblin-slaying to start my day. God fucking bless this anime for countervailing season after season of cute girls doing cute things. Let’s watch a badass murder evil for infinity cours.



2 thoughts on “Globin Slayer Episode 1 First Impression Review

  1. They definitely did a good job with the character of Goblin Slayer and his very matter of fact manner of both speaking and fighting. He is a bit of a different hero for this kind of story given he isn’t idealistic and spouting some rhetoric about the ‘right’ thing to do. He’s just killing goblins and he’s gotten pretty good at it. Hopefully they continue to do a good job with his character and with this show.

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