Cells At Work! Episode 1 First Impression Review


Within the human body there is said to be approximately 60 million cells. White blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, macrophages, memory cells, killer T cells, natural killer cells, B cells, mast cells and many more! All these different cells work tirelessly within the body, never resting for a moment, at any time willing to resist invading foreign entities like germs and viruses to the bitter end! From Akane Shimizu, winner of Shounen Sirius’ Rookie of the Year Award, comes an informative tale about anthropomorphised cells!


The real waifus were inside of us all along. Between all the cells showcased so far, red blood cells seem to have the longest lifespan at just 100-120 days. This show is going to end in tragedy. The biological facts in the anime it’s very, VERY frighteningly accurate.


For examples,
-The apartment complex is capillary blood vessels, where the blood exchanges the O2 and CO2 with the cells.
-Platelet-lolis blocking the way is how the platelet works: they block the site of injury by creating fibrin threads to ‘sew’ the wound, preventing any cells from going outside the blood vessel, also trapping those cells as makeshift sandbag. They also are very small in size, about 20% of a red blood cells…so that makes them loli/shotas.


-Macrophages-the maids in white, is the one that literally cleans up the debris-leftovers from a bacterial massacre, dead cells, cancer cells-anything, as long as the cell can’t provide ‘id’ it could recognize. They are also kind of white blood cells, so those maid are not so secretly killer maids: OP even shows it butchering some germs.


 Just a really charming first episode, the synopsis was just perfect and watching it you could tell the mangaka had a ton of fun making it. I love that we’re in a world where a Red Blood Cell and a White Blood Cell could potentially be waifu and husbando material respectively.  I didn’t expect a show about the human body to be this entertaining, but, somehow, it was. White Blood Cell is a cool character, which I can get behind. The kids struggling with the boxes was very cute. Red Blood Cell is a really fun character, with the huge bonus of being voiced by KanaHana. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being my AOTS.


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