The Most Popular Fries In Tokyo

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Fries are a bit of a staple comfort food for a lot of us, I’m sure. But I’d never really thought of fries as something gourmet, or something that people would line up for! That all changed when I walked by a store in the Tokyo suburb of Hiroo, called “And the Friet.”

Pic Credit: And the Friet Facebook page
And the Friet is a small, hole in the wall type store – but their reputation seems anything but small, judging by the fact that a wait in line seems to be par for the course there on weekends!

I think the most interesting thing about And the Friet is that you can choose both the type of fries you’re getting, and the type of dip. It’s not just one style of fries – there’s 8 different types of fries that are available, and various dips – from things like fresh tomato ketchup and sweet chili and sour cream – to more gourmet tastes like black truffle or anchovy mayonnaise.

Their fries include ones made from Belgian Bintje potatoes (which are literally sent over from Belgium!) as well as a range of Japanese potatoes sourced from Hokkaido and Saga prefectures – even purple sweet potato fries! You’ll see in the diagram below the styles of fries they have, and it includes all manner of different cuts: traditional French fry style, potato wedges, curly fries, half cut potatoes, and ones that are more like American style tater-tots than fries!

We got the most typical ones we could to try them out – the Belgian straight cut fries with the fresh tomato ketchup – and both the fries and the dip were excellent. I do want to go back at some point and try the purple sweet potato fries!

The store also has fun limited time offerings on a regular basis, such as pumpkin fries that they were selling around Halloween last year, and a raclette cheese option earlier this year. The picture below has the raclette cheese option shown, and also gives you a bit of a better visual on the styles of fries that they have.

Pic Credit: 
And the Friet Facebook Page

And the Friet is just a short walk out of the Hiroo Tokyo Metro Subway Station. They’re open Monday to Friday from 11am-9pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-8pm. They’re definitely worth a try if you’re in the area and craving fries!

Source: Odigo


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