Black Clover Episode 8 And 9 Review

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I’m kindly reminded big shounen like these have episodes with little to no progression. Ironically the manga is said to have great progression. Studio Perriot just has a knack for dragging shows way beyond what a normal air time should be. If the anime fails and it doesn’t get continued past 50 eps or cancelled earlier, none of it matters at all. Making a good anime comes first, especially since there’s not that many continuously running shounens any more.

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Secondly, they’re doing it in the worst way possible. They’re stretching out the material instead of adding anything. There’s almost nothing new here that wasn’t in the manga, it’s just portrayed very very slowly. Most of this episode could have been skipped entirely without the viewer missing anything, which is not a good thing. Finally, it is too slow no matter how you look at it. This episode was about 10 pages and nothing more. If this was the usual pace, episode 50 could reach between chapter 20 and 25 of the manga, which is basically still the introduction of black clover. That’s just not acceptable.

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As for episode 9. Not sure what to say for today’s episode. We have plot, a little bit of exposition on the class system. Noelle’s spells are always so well animated, it really drives home just how much raw magic power she has. It’s cool that she gained a new spell mid-fight, I’m interested to learn more about the mechanics behind this.  Filler that develops characters isn’t bad filler if done correctly – and I think they did well here with Magna, Noelle, and Asta. That ending was… quite the cliche honestly. I mean I get that’s to expected since this is a shounen, but it was really abrupt. Hopefully it’s not a case where she will be able to control all the rest of her magic after this episode.


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      1. I’m giving this until the end of the Autumn season and then I’m pretty sure that unless nothing comes out next season that I’m interested in, I’m going to stop covering Black Clover.

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