Princess Principal Episode 5 Review


Beatrice’s throat thing just keeps getting more and more useful! Her father totally knew that and was not actually an asshole… right? For a split second there, I thought she would’ve gotten decapitated. But then her steel throat saved her. Revolutionary armor right there. It is impressive how this show manages to pull off some of the oldest and cheesiest action cliches in the book. Oh, a lone warrior who’s on a quest to slay their old master, how original. But it just works here, thanks to an excellent execution and a colorful setting that allows for such things. Also, a great introduction to Chise. She’s such a goddamn chuuni, it’s hard not to be amused by her.


Damn, I love how he animates those walks. This whole episode, I was just thinking how well animated all the walks and runs were even outside the action scenes. Whether it’s the slow turn the Princess does at the start, Oshima’s slightly rushed run 1 2 or even Ange and Chise’s different running styles (which reminds me of Genos and Saitama at the start of OPM). I really like seeing these types of more subtle animations of character movement and would love to see more work like this so I hope Mr. Ryouma Ebota keeps doing what he already does so well.


I think it makes sense, Ange and the loli samurai are the experts in close combat, Dorothy is like the ”classic” type of spy, good with fire weapons, machines and seduction. I really enjoyed how there was no dialogue between Chise and Jubei during their fight scene. Sometimes when a character starts monologuing during a fight scene it really detracts from the suspension of disbelief. In this case you could feel the razor sharp focus and intensity of each fighter until the conclusion of the battle. This entire episode was just filled with these subtle things that gave it so much weight, like the walking animations. It made the characters real so that while cliched punched waaaaay above it’s weight in terms of feels.


3 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 5 Review

  1. As you said, there’s a lot to like in this episode and it really is the small details that are just making this story and these characters work. overall, the story is pretty cheesy, but the execution has been amazing.

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