Jigoku Shoujo: Yoi No Togi Episode 1 First Impression Review


After years of waiting Enma AI has returned. The music and aesthetics of this show really drew me in at first. But the episodes are very formulaic and flows like a monster of the week show or in this case, grudge of the week. yes, there are some underlying plot that slowly develops or is hinted at but the focus is on the grudges, which just feel like one-off short stories of revenge over petty things. I won’t be surprised if the new season continues the formula, but I really hope it will be different.


Just because she apologized a lot she had to get bullied? People don’t know how to play the long game. Don’t trade some bullying in high school for an eternity in hell. Yeah screw the girl that started it. I would probably retaliate verbally or physically. But the point is if I exhaust all options and had no other outlet I would just suffer through it until I graduate. I would not trade a few years of peace for an eternity in hell. The first several hundred years you’re in hell would probably be you in school being bullied exactly like that. But people are stupid and many times through out the three seasons people have pulled the string where they were mistaken and wrong. Their issue may be huge and big for them at the moment but it’s trivial in the long run.


Much of Jigoku Shoujo shows people making terrible compulsive decisions that have massive consequences for their temporary problems, often out of feelings of anger and desperation. The marking they then get will serve as a reminder (as some come to regret it.)Not to say I also don’t find this frustrating, thing about bullying is it doesn’t always just end when the person isn’t around them anymore. It can affect a person for life and leave emotional scars that will torture some people for the rest their life and affect choices the person make through life. It only takes one person doing the bullying to have a affect. And this is often the worst when the episode is about a child.


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