Isekai Shokudou Episode 2 Review


The atmosphere in this is so comfy. I like that we get see a little bit about each person before they enter. It makes seeing them be fed a lot more satisfying. This show is so wholesome. It plays like Flying Witch with Shokugeki level of food commentary but without the lewdness. Is this…the power of a healing anime? The synopsis is somewhat misleading but I’m fairly sure most, if not all, of the customers come from the same world. It explains how the dragon was flying over the same capital city that the demon waitress was living in, how Tatsugoro was able to find Seeleman, and how they’re all able to read the same language.


 Here I was thinking “Day of Satur” was some type of magical day and it’s literally just fucking Saturday LOL. I enjoyed both of the stories in this episode. I had this image of William in my head as this old, fat, humorous geezer that has done all his adventuring, likes to tell stories at the bar (in this case restaurant) on the weekend and has settled down. Then when they show him on screen I’m just like “That’s him!” The tale of the hero messenger turned castle Lord also had this fantastical appeal to it, like it taps that core of fantasy storytelling while presenting the mundane (a restaurant to us) as fantastical and mythological to a fantasy hero in desperate need.


So I think I’ve got this show figured out now. It’s just little stories about different people coming in and discovering the restaurant, and there’s some emotional context behind it all such as the treasure hunter discovering her (I assume) grandfather’s secret, or the knight getting a nostalgic reminder of his hometown. Thank goodness for those because last episode didn’t really have that, and it was just “person walk into restaurant, eats food, then leaves” and that is just not an interesting story. My main complaint so far is the lack of characters to get attached to. No one except Aletta and the chef have shown up for more than half an episode, and we know absolutely nothing about the chef. Right now, the premise is driving this show, and the novelty can only last so long.


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