Youkai Apartment No Yuuga Na Nichijou Episode 2 Review


This is surprisingly more enjoyable than I originally thought. The way it introduces the characters as if they’ve always been here felt natural to me.  MC doesn’t feel like a total drag and it’s nice to see him getting more accustomed to his unique surroundings. If only they made the artwork as gorgeous as the manga, this will be my AOTS. I don’t know if they can nailed the tone of the scary scene like the manga though.


 I can’t really say why, it just feels quirky but not in a good way. The show is going for that quirky and breezy atmosphere that Flying Witch had but it just doesn’t sell me on it. The second half of the episode was pretty enjoyable, even if it was a little over the top. I’m also not sure how I feel about the protagonist’s sudden powers. I thought it was a tad too early to introduce a hidden power to the MC. I think an episode or 2, with a few more random instances with mysterious things happening to him first would of served to bolster his character a bit more considering he’s still not used to living with youkai.


Just being a little psychic could have added a little spice, but having spirit healing powers too seems a bit much. It starts bringing in those troublesome super hero tropes of “if he has the power does he also not have the duty to use it to help people?” Like he wants to go to school for business or whatever, but nope, you’re a spirit healer now. But I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode where they talk about the small boy and the dog.



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