DIVE!! Episode 1 First Impression Review


The setup seems standard and I can’t say the show has so far got me to care about the sport in the slightest. It’s a kind of dull start, unfortunately, but not so much that I don’t wanna keep watching. I get the sense this series is going to be about MC having to negotiate the chances of making it to the Olympics versus keeping pesky things like friends and healthy relationships. Also probably working out that he needs to dive for himself and not for the cool boy he’s been crushing on for years. I feel that they introduced a few too many story lines right off the bat. I could definitely get behind the whole club drama of it being nearly shut down. However, I think that introducing a romantic conflict may have been too much to start off with. They should’ve just spent this entire episode doing quick intros of the core characters


I also got a little bit of gay subtext from the instant regret of accepting his girlfriend’s confession, to being embarrassed of his ‘idol’ seeing her, to not wanting to read her messages and instead leaving his phone at home while he walks his dog. I mean I don’t think it’s actually going to amount to anything, and it’s certainly not on the level of battery, but I doubt it’s accidental. I would hope they understand what they are implying. I mean this could definitely be some serious bait. With Free!! I never thought it would actually go gay, just “oh look at these beautiful anime boys who love each other but not in a gay way we swear.” With this I’m not sure. I mean about half the episode was about the MC’s relationship and how he’s disinterested in it. Weird thing to put a focus on if it isn’t going anywhere. Because there is literally a dry desert where a romance between Tomo and Miyu might exist.


I don’t think I’m super feeling this one (so far, anyway). I think my main issue is that it all looks a little unwholesome: the character designs are a touch unappealing (it’s the eyes and noses, I think) and there’s a slight kinda washed-out look to the colors I’m not into. Which is hardly a deal-breaker in itself. If they don’t actually put effort in to the diving animation this show will probably go nowhere. I’ll give it the 3 episode rule and see if it can keep my attention.


4 thoughts on “DIVE!! Episode 1 First Impression Review

  1. Are you also watching Ballroom e Youkoso? I think you might like the first episode better than Dive’s first episode. I’m sticking with Dive!! no matter what happens lol I love me some men in bathing suits 😉

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