Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita Episode 1 First Impression Review


So uhh Princess Jellyfish the x rated version? Man, this is hella lewd. I think it’s going to be as raunchy as the bald priest anime from last season. This is literally hentai not ecchi. I’m not sure how it was able to air but we can only see how it goes from now on. I mean hentai’s do always censor things ya know so the anime censored things just like hentai’s. Well lets see.. Story isn’t so clear but even for a four minute episode everything escalated so quickly.


The whole episode really slows down for the rape scene. Now that Eromanga-sensei has presented blatant sexual assault as being wacky and hilarious, everyone seems to think it’s okay to have a young adult man deceive a drunk high school girl and proceed to force himself on her when she’s clearly not comfortable with the situation and is saying things like “stop it” and “don’t do that.” The first thing that caught my attention was how poor the pacing was. It’s a short series so it has to tell a lot of story in the time it’s allotted, but the fact that everything feels so jammed together at the beginning was enough to drop my score to the mid-three range.


 I have no idea why there are so many shows lately, including TV anime, that feel like they have to finish an entire arc in the first episode, like the directors want me processing the first scene while I’m watching the third. I thought this is just an echii but it surpassed the boundary between echii and hentai. Is this the new generation? Thought the art is pretty good but still hentai is hentai. I’m not being insensitive but I don’t find it good when I saw this hentai in the list of good anime. Besides, kids will be able to see and access it easily because it is just right in front of them. I’m not being a hypocrite, I watched hentai too but I just don’t like mixing a hentai in a decent anime list.


2 thoughts on “Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita Episode 1 First Impression Review

  1. So we have; two school girls getting it on in Netsuzou. And now we have a very good cross-dresser trying it on now?. Geez, I’m asking the same thing now; is hentai somehow sneaking in to mainstream now?. Well might give this one a shot, since I’ve already gone dark with netsuzou xDD. Good post!!.

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