Fox Spirit Matchmaker Episode 1 First Impression Review


Here we go again, another Chinese animation/donghua by Haoliners Animation League in Japanese dub….. This is the most watched anime in China with 1 billion views and 7 billion views for the manga. Also this anime is NOT made in Japan but instead in China (hence that Japanese audio mark for the episode). Love that lasts generations and lovers who are reincarnated with the hope of rekindling their love this is what I believe sums up this anime. I’ll write a quick personal synopsis as the synopsis provided tells you nothing about the anime. This anime is about fox spirit matchmakers who are tasked with aiding couples who have made a pledge in front of a special tree to fall in love again in their next lives. What I believe makes the story so great is how they slowly develop the feelings that the couples had for each other allowing the viewer to truly understand how they fell in love.


I can’t believe it, but the Chinese audio is actually better. Yuechu’s Japanese VA’s voice is too deep and serious most of the time, so it sounds weird when he plays the sillier parts of the MC. Susu’s Japanese VA doesn’t sound as aloof as she’s suppose to be. The Chinese VAs, on the other hand, actually nailed it. Why does the actual content in the episodes seem to be different between the Japanese and Chinese version? Some scenes are completely different/missing in the Japanese version, and pretty noticeable details are completely changed (the bunny at the start is just big here, but it’s all moe-ish and cute in the Japanese version). Did they redo the animation/scenes in certain areas instead of just adding Japanese dubs in the Japanese version? Well yes, as a matter of fact, they’re actually re-animating this: adding scenes and content, so it’s not just a re-air. I think it’s justifiable to consider this version a Japanese release.


As someone who watched the original version I watched this twice again to fully appreciate it. Incredible pacing issues but the transition is still okay. Considering not only are certain story-points different so far, but the opening themes are completely different both here and in the Chinese audio version despite both opening themes being in Chinese. The ending is very abrupt and leave many questions behind. They have to cut it though because next line goes straight to the world building and it’s too much info.


Frankly the plot is quite messy and chaotic, especially at the beginning–there’s too much going on and at too fast a pace, and you’d probably struggle to read the subs and make sense of things. However the situation should improve by the 3rd episode, and as the series progresses, a plot gradually forms and steadily gains coherence. The first 13 episodes are just introducing how things work and stuff, and it get even better afterwards. Trust me, I have already finished watching the whole series. (the Chinese ver has about 63 episodes but no worries it’s only about 10-15 mins long.)




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