My Top Five Voltage Otome Games


Voltage Inc is a Japanese developer and publisher of interactive story apps, such as visual novels and otome games, for iPhone and Android devices. I been a fan of Voltage since 2011, I still love em and stuff but I haven’t play it for like I don’t know a year or two? And they increase the price of the story of the guys. Like seriously, my wallet is practically crying. Imagine how much it will cost if I bought all of the guys main story, epilogues, sequels, and spin-offs (((φ(◎ロ◎;)φ)))  . But anyways enough of that, here’s my list of top 5 games by Voltage Inc.

1. In Your Arms Tonight


You are a newly-married woman in your early thirties working at an interior design firm. After eight years of working in the sales department, you finally receive a promotion to your dream job in the design department… And at the same time, after only three months of marriage, you discover that your husband is cheating on you with another woman. You suddenly find yourself faced with a decision: try to make your marriage work despite the odds, or risk everything for the chance to find happiness in another’s arms.

2. My Last First Kiss


Even after all these years, you haven’t forgotten about the first guy you loved. After reuniting with him, you try confessing your feelings, but he turns you down. Luckily the friends you grew up with are there to support you…

…but it’s not long until you become more than just friends…

3. Scandal In The Spotlight


Japan’s the most hottest boy band! Five members perform, but the sixth–the lyricist–never shows his face. However, his sudden disappearance has forced YOU to take his place!

“We’re not letting you go, Little Miss Ghostwriter.”

You’re about to embark on a life of deception and glamour alongside national pop stars!

4. Butler Until Midnight


You’ve moved into an apartment that comes with attractive butlers?! Hot tea, silky linens these men are here for you… You would never guess what they’re hiding beneath the elegant smiles!

“Not all butlers are saints, you know…”

Your emotions are at the mercy of your butler as you begin a new life in the apartment of your dreams.

5. Finally, in Love Again


You’re a pastry chef. You’ve been wrapped up in your job, and your love life has fallen by the wayside. ‘I don’t think I know how to do relationships anymore.’ You go to a singles event on your birthday and five attractive men profess their love for you! A dramatic love story begins…


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