Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 11 Review


Albus isn’t a bad character, but is more a victim of the plot than anything. Again, this show would have been perfect if it had just been Zero and Merc traveling across the countryside in search of the grimoire, dealing with the problems the grimoire being stolen caused. Throw in Holdem much sooner and Albus isn’t an insufferable third wheel. Instead of becoming a fun story with two witches and their beast bodyguards. We have a convoluted story with a wishy-washy, but not terribly written villain, and the Sorcerers of Zero who are arguably the dumbest group of people in the entire country. Like, they’re legit 100% worthless and boring. Do any of them even have names? Such a waste of what could have been something nearly as good as Spice and Wolf if done right.


If any of you were thinking like shouldn’t Thirteen just be able to contact the sorcerers as “Him” tell them to blow off the attack, fix everything and we’re done?!?! It wouldn’t make for much of a story, but it has basically written itself into this hole where I question what is going on the entire time I watch it. Let’s consider the fact that these sorcerers are willing to put their lives at risk just to accomplish their goal. And that includes dying. A good portion of sorcerers will probably end up in denial since the truth isn’t something they can easily accept. Some may get discouraged, but there will still be a good number of sorcerers who will pursue with their plan.


From the way I see it, one of the possible options of Zero and the group is to accomplish their plan before a war could even start. Stalling them as your primary option is more viable than trying to reason out with them (considering Albus, Sorena’s only granddaughter, already tried that and Thirteen trying to reason out with them would probably cause discord among the sorcerers). On the other hand, reasoning out could be viable if Zero is the one who will lead the discussion with the sorcerers. I feel like Merc and Zero deserved better, their characters are good, but they are stuck in a shitty story.


2 thoughts on “Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 11 Review

  1. I think this show effectively made me not care what they do next. The villain doesn’t care, Zero has her grimoire back (or could if she wanted to), there’s no reason why she can’t turn the merc back into a human whenever she chooses, and the Sorcerer’s of Zero, as you said, are the stupidest people imaginable. All and all, this ending is taking a fairly average story and pretty much dropping it on the floor and hoping no one steps on it.

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