Fukumenkai Noise Episode 10 Review


Man every week I am saying I feel bad for Yuzu, I mean he practically friend zoned himself! And I am shipping AlicexYuzu together… But if we go with traditional shoujo anime it is usually the first guy (Momo), but I feel like that would be so lame. Because I feel like she couldn’t even give a solid reason why she liked him. She doesn’t even know him. Wait… their shoe lockers are literally right across from each other. But they hadn’t run into each other at school before the whole roof thing? I facepalmed at Nino’s dense moment, can’t see much progression coming from this show with moments like that so hopefully the finale will at least settle the band dispute.


Honestly, the only one that can fix Momo is Momo himself. He needs to get his shit together and not let his emotions get the better of him, otherwise, just look at how happy Nino is without him in this episode.¬†While Momo doesn’t really communicate his feelings for Nino to her, I still think he will eventually. Of course, Nino did say she liked him in the past as well. So, what I think needs to happen is there is a big intervention between Nino and Momo. They need to get together and really TALK about everything that went on, just get it out all in the open.


This anime is frustrating. I feel like I know Yuzu is going to take the back burner a lot when it comes to Nino. So he can keep her in No Hurry. While Momo extends back towards her, but being a dick about it in the same time. I don’t know how she could be so dense with the, Oh you thought I liked you! no no…and she just accepted it np. This has become the most boring and idiotic love triangle of the season. Nino isn’t worth fighting. I usually like MC with strong resolve but this girl is awful to watch.


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