B Gata H Kei Review


Oh my Lord. Where to start with this anime.. Normally I stay very, VERY clear from ecchi-type anime. I cannot stand harem shit, I can’t do the gross sexism and fan service grossness, and I really don’t have the patience to sit through hours upon hours of “will they? won’t they? Lol of course not. But once I started the first episode I was immediately hooked. B Gata H Kei, has a unique story, if you can actually call it that. It focuses on our main protagonist, Yamada. She’s the most beautiful girl at her school, all the guys can’t help but fall for her. Her goal is to have 100 Friends with Benefits, or Sex Buddies as she calls it. Strange, huh? 15 years old and the only thing she can think of is sex. For a teenage boy, yes, I can imagine that, but you’d never guess that’s all a girl would think about that stuff.


Anyways, she wants her first time to be with a cherry boy (AKA a virgin). She happens to find a boy by the name of Kosuda, an obvious cherry boy judging from the way he acts around her. Later, she finds out he goes to her school. And he sits right next to her. Throughout the show, Yamada tries to get Kosuda to have sex with her, however he can be dense at times, and not even know what she’s trying to do, and you’d think flashing him would give him some kind of clue… as the story starts progressing, there are other characters that come into the show, giving them something else to present to the audience.


Yamada is a total slut and all you’ll get is very intense fan service for 12 episodes. Think KissxSis or Rosario+Vampire-esque. But B Gata H Kei is not purely fan service, there is actually a very funny story, and when there is fan service it’s not that trashy, are-you-kidding-me kind. A girl who thinks her vagina looks weird and wants 100 sex friends? Sounds good to me. But there is so much more to B Gata H Kei. A girl’s quest to have sex filled with hilarious dialogue and outrageous situations. Ecchi comedy at its finest. Other than the premise and characters though, a lot of aspects fell short. The music was forgettable, the animation was pretty standard too.


The best part about Yamada is that she’s daring, as you’ll see if you watch the show. And let’s face it, it’s not often that you have a sex-obsessed female character in anime.
Kosuda can also have his awesome moments, though he usually fits the typical high school male role that he’s supposed to fit (which is a good thing). Other characters like Takeshita, Kanejou, and Miyano often add to the comedic relief of the show and are valuable aspects to this show’s comedy. Surprisingly, everyone gets a good amount of actual development, which is not what I was expecting from a show like this. The characters are pretty casual in terms of uniqueness, but they are drawn with such precision and detail that I really liked it. The only problem I had was all the sparkles around the Kanejou siblings… what the hell are they, vampires? What, are they related to the cast of Twilight?


I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started B Gata H Kei, but I can say that it was a fun watch. It had a lot of good humor in it, similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo, and I enjoyed the crap out of that one. It had romance throughout the entire show, but it was more of a requited love sadly. The ending came a little too sudden, I feel like this could have been a 24 episode anime if they decided to, but overall it was a good anime. I recommend it to those who love echii, but if you hate sexual jokes and innuendos, by all means, don’t watch this. If you don’t mind that, this is a must watch.


3 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei Review

  1. I love this anime. It mostly stems from the characters. Yamada wants sex, but she’s actually too innocent to have it, and her pursuit for one guy eventually made her fall for him. I like that kind of turn around development.
    This is also a rare case where the focus is on a female character rather than a male character experiencing the fan service, so I think that unique style also makes the show great. 🙂

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