Fukumenkai Noise Episode 9 Review


Another powerful emotion filled episode with enough ups and downs to give you motion sickness. Yuzu finally displays his feelings for Nino only to have her reject them. Like WTF man… Yuzu’s definitely a lot better than Momo who claims Nino should belong only to him while all he’s doing is hurting her again and again. What a tool, really. While Yuzu is always there for Nino and even made her a place to sing. Only 3 episodes left guys, and Brain’s Base are notorious for not making sequels for their shows. Guess the adaptation will stop right after the concert.


I was afraid Yuzu might turn to be one of those possessive guys but nope. He remains the best guy, placing Nino’s happiness and the future of the band first rather than his own feelings. Although the fight between Momo vs Yuzu over Nino’s voice is a little irritating. Her voice is hers alone, she can share it but ya’ll don’t have claim over it or something. And it’s probably just me coz I don’t find her singing voice as ~enchanting~ as the characters in the anime make it seem to be.


I’ve really tried to like this anime but I think I am done. I am utterly and completely annoyed by Alice and her selfishness. She isn’t a child anymore so all of the temper tantrum and tears don’t do it for me. Stop chasing after Momo and then crying when he pushes you away for the 10000th time. And Momo acting stupid because you giving songs to another group is literally the dumbest reason to ignore someone you love. But I guess that’s the way the shoujo crumbles.


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