Manga ‘Karadasagashi’ Gets Anime Adaptation


The 13th compiled volume of Karadasagashi, released on Tuesday, has announced that the manga will receive anime adaptation in Summer 2017 on Tate Anime.  The anime will contain ten episodes with each running for three minutes. More information will be announced on later issues of Shounen Jump +.

Look forward to the ghost story of the red person. “Hey, Asuka… search for my body.” At school in the middle of the night, Asuka and her friends search for the scattered body-parts. If they don’t find the entire body, the 9th November is repeated and the red person will continue to kill them. Who is the red person? Why is Haruka asking them to search for the body-parts?

Karadasagashi is written by Welzard with illustrations by Katsutoshi Murase, and has been serialized in Shounen Jump + app. since September 2014. As of May 2, the series has 38 chapters available.

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Source: Comic Natalie

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