Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 9 Review


When Albus was first introduced I was kind of annoyed they shoved in a token trap character. I’m glad to be wrong! I feel like Albus was never as bad as people said, only that her interactions were overshadowed by Merc’s and Zero’s. Then again, Albus had plenty of fun moments and the universe shitting on her is amusing. But I’m kinda disappointed that the anime doesn’t have a scene where Albus is warming up in Mercenary’s lap like in the novel. Seeing Holdem jealous, Mercenary annoyed, and Albus enjoying herself would’ve made a nice silly scene. A lot of the changes are not for the better, in my opinion.


It felt like time was moving really fast in this episode, and yet nothing was happening. I could easily imagine this one episode spanning several chapters. Hell, they traversed a fifth of the way around the entire country within a minute. That’s a pretty small country if they were planning to cover the pentagram in one night. Even if beast fallen travel fast, it’s probably no faster than horses. Or it’s just a narrative illusion that they managed to cover at least two spots of the pentagram in less than one night.


Well this episode wasn’t packed with too many events but it gave the feeling of the first few episodes when they got to know each other. The wolf guy and MC surely got closer and it’s kinda nice to move the plot on Albus. I’m gonna go against the grain and say if you dropped it you probably still won’t like it that much. Well, depending on why you dropped. There’s more action now and the plot is moving, but if you didn’t like the characters then there won’t be any change. Looking forward to the next episode though.


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