Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 8 Review


Anyone else feel spoiled about Albus’ real identity from my previous reviews. Even though they’re like speculations, they were so spot on lol. But maybe many of you thought it was obvious even from few episodes ago, eh lets face it, there’s no way Albus was some random witch from the street. And with constant blabbering “Sorena this, Sorena that” it was rather predictable. Plus the scene with the dying man in the hideout gave it away for me. It was painfully obvious. I already had my suspicions before that, but that scene made it as clear as day.


Wolf guy is glorious, I like him. I didn’t know what role he played before but now we know. He’s a womanizer and just goes with the flow and happened to meet Sorena and her granddaughter. He carried the whole episode for me. Merc is not dumb btw. Rationally speaking, there’s no reason for him to think that there’s a magical link between him and Zero just from him thinking that he was hit. The more rational explanation is just that his mind was playing tricks on him. Any normal person would at least require Thirteen’s words to figure it out, but not having the time to think that through mid-combat isn’t exactly surprising.


In addition to what’s been said, while Merc has met Zero and Albus and found them to be actually decent people who use magic for more than just killing, he’s only known them for a short time compared to years of thinking magic automatically equals hurting people. For him to piece together two easily misconstrued pieces of information and get the right answer given that background, it’d require a lot better understanding of magic on his part. It’s a pretty common phenomenon and is why being able to “think outside the box” is a valued skill.


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