Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 7 Review


It’s not that it’s a bad opening song. It just doesn’t fit the tone of this particular episode. Here, we have the mercenary leaving through the gates of the castle having just broken off traveling with Zero with a dark melody playing in the background, and then it just cuts to the light sounding opening which sets the mood as “Look at the friendship between Zero and the mercenary. Look at the adventures they have.” I would have preferred for that feeling of dread to linger a bit even if it was just 1 minute of the mercenary walking around town with a frown. The way they did it just broke the mood.


“We’re too weak to confront the things we can’t change on our own. It is what it is.” She couldn’t do anything to change things on her own, so the tavern girl had no choice but to use merc. But you know, he’s a mercenary, a soldier for hire. Guess he finally understood what his role in this world is. He understood that which is why he repeated what she said before leaving. Hope he realizes by next episode that it’s better to be the servant of someone you can trust than be hired or “played” by someone with an erratic moral compass. He was lucky this time with the Tavern Girl, it could have been a heck worse.


Since kemono do occasionally eat people out of no where, I can kind of understand. That said, this world needs more scientific method. On the basis of this episode, it seems likely that rather than hunger, the trigger is losing their feeling of humanity, meaning treating kemono like kemono is the surest way to get them to suddenly eat you. Changing subjects, looks like the theories of Albus being Sorena’s granddaughter are getting stronger. It’ll also be a convenient plot excuse for Mercenary & Zero to get back together, I suspect that 13 probably won’t stop it either as he doesn’t seem to want Zero to die but Merc walking around by himself with that spirit link could get problematic. I was this close to dropping the series because of the boring introduction/exposition from 13 in the last episode. Glad I gave it a second chance.


2 thoughts on “Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 7 Review

  1. I wonder what 13 will do about the link between Zero and the Mercenary? It doesn’t seem like he’ll just accept teh mercenary or someone else getting Zero’s attention. That’s probably the one thing I’m still kind of curious about with this show. Mostly I’ve just been going through the motions of watching it for the last couple of weeks.

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