Where The Heck Is Sorajin!?


Hiya! In case any of you ever wonder where the hell is Sorajin (if you even remember him in the first place), you know the dude that’s in charge of posting games and anime news for the first few months and then disappeared without a word.


Well that’s because he finally decided to become a professional skirt chaser and take away all your waifus to created the ultimate harem- (wait what kind of shit am I telling you guys   ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) ). In a nutshell, he’s alive. Yep, the dude is alive and weell. He’s too busy with life at the moment and I doubted he’ll be returning any time soon (눈_눈). But he did made a few awesome AMVs recently so I’m sharing it with you guys. Enjoy!~


[ Sorry Kind Of Late]

I Want You To Stay With Me.


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