Fukumenkai Noise Episode 6 And 7 Review


It’s gonna be short (and maybe a bit half ass) and yes I know it’s my own fault that I kept putting off my reviews. So…I actually liked this episode. The drama was pretty heavy with the chain but the characters are starting to grow on me. Nino’s “I know I’m weird” speech was really touching. She shows a lot of self awareness but then doesn’t even realize she’s jealous because it’s such a new concept to her. Kind of wish we’d get a scene with Momo and Nino together laying out their issues. Figure they’re going to save that for later though as it’s her goal and reason for singing in the first place. And I really dig “Canary” as a song. The music aspect was kind of what I was hoping the show would focus on more, revolving around singing. I may be reading too much into it though.


For episode 7,┬áthis anime is making it so hard for me to choose between Yuzu and Momo. I legit feel so bad for how Yuzu is being friend zoned by Nino. My ships are so confused. Like, I feel bad for Yuzu, because he is a good guy, but Nino just does not see him like that, even tho they would be so cute! But her and Momo are also pretty good. Gosh this is hard. In the end I’ll be fine with either one she ends up with, and my heart will break for the one she does not end up with.


Yuzu and Momo had such a nice dynamic this episode, the way they were talking to each other unknown that they were referring to the same person is both kinda funny and a little sad. (I KNEW IT, I FCKIN KNEW IT ONE DAY THEY GONNA BECOME FRIENDS AND THEN FIND OUT THEY LIKE THE SAME GIRL.) It’s possible that if Momo finally acknowledges Nino and they interact for real, it could free Nino from the obsession of the past 6 years – that’s the only way I could see a Yuzu x Nino ending. It’s always hardest to fight against someone absent…



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