Mitsudomoe Review


“Did you think all kids are pure? Think again”. Those phrases are the best word to describe this anime,anyway Mitsudomoe is your funny and eccentric anime that you wouldn’t find in anywhere. (I never laughed so hard in my life.) If there was anime that something like this, it would be Azumanga Daioh. This anime surprisingly funny, I am not exaggerating. But by some miracle, Mistudomoe is fresh and funny, and will always leave you craving for another episode. What Mistudomoe also is though, is vulgar. It’s rude and frequently disgusting, idiotic and atrocious, and violent and inappropriate in any way it can be. That being said you should easily be able to tell it’s one of the funniest things on TV.


Yabe-sensei is class 6-3’s new teacher. His class appears normal and easy-going at first, but then to his dismay, he has to control all three of the craaaaziest kids in school who just HAPPEN to be triplet sisters. The Marui triplets run amok through the school and cause everyone problems everywhere. But whatever segment you watch in Mistudomoe always ends up being laugh out loud funny by the end. The jokes rely a lot on misunderstandings, running gags, and dirty humor. Since this anime is a gag anime, it doesn’t have any main story or main goal. Usually their story in each episode are stand alone, and from each episode, it usually consists of mini gag-story like Nichijou.


The “three stooges” concept has been in media for quite a long time and has become so frequent that it’s become cliché. I started watching Mistudomoe expecting some ridiculous corny character archetypes, and I kinda got exactly that. No there’s not a lot of character development, no changes over time, no sudden changes in character, and so on. The cast includes the sadistic eldest sister, Mistuba, the perverted middle sister Futaba, and the introverted youngest sister Hitoha. Their teacher is an unlucky geek, their dad is loving fellow easily mistaken as a pedophile, and their friends are plentiful. There’s the pervert, the nice kid mistaken as a pervert, his three female stalkers, the rival girl and her clique, the romantic, the occult freak, the hamster named nipples and the monkey faced kid. The best part about this anime is seeing how each character interacts with another, and every time they do, something ridiculous happens.


The weakest section of this anime is probably the art, oh, well, it’s bad. If you’re watching Mistudomoe then the visuals aren’t your top priority. It looks very basic and some would as far to say it looks generic – but oh the reaction faces. Even if what just happened in the anime wasn’t funny, if Futaba (the middle sister) does her euphoric “my brain is dead” face I’d laugh. The emotion that comes out of the characters faces definitely increases the quality of the humor and characters. The art style works for what kind of anime this is, but I think many things could have been improved upon, and if Mistudomoe were re-done the thing that I would ask be worked would be the backgrounds, CG, and overall fluidity of animation.


The voice acting was great! The very main cast was voiced by some pretty obscure folks, the most well known one, who voiced Nagi in Kannagi, is Tomatsu Haruka, who voices Hitoha (the youngest sister) in Mistudomoe. The side cast is blooming with stars, including Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!), Inoue Kikuko (Lust from FMA:B), Saito Chiwa (Aika from Aria), and last but not least, Chihara Minori who voices Yuki in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.


Want an interesting approach to something that has already been done, and want it from a viewpoint where it hacks the slice of life genre to pieces? Mitsudomoe should hit right home. The thing is though, if you didn’t listen to warning at the beginning of this review about vulgarity and stupid humor then you’re going to hate this. Hate it a lot. This is not an anime to be viewed for it’s cutesy moments so abundant in slice of life (although it does has some), it’s meant to be a hilarious attempt to get revenge upon the predictable slice of life genre. So if you’re interested in a good laugh, just throw on any episode of Mitsudomoe and have at it.


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