Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 6 Review


It’s about time we got a more detailed account of what actually happened with the whole Grimoire of Zero. It’s not very nice but damn did Thirteen lay one hell of a verbal smack down on the brat and some pretty harsh truths about the evil and suffering caused by witches and their conflict. He has a very good point that Albus & co. was failing to take responsibility for the rogue witches that his group has essentially armed with very powerful weapons and then turned loose. By all accounts, the Sorcerers of Zero are basically like “okay everyone, here’s magic that you can use to murder lots and lots of people if you’re so inclined. But please don’t do that, or we’ll give you the silent treatment, and pretend we don’t know you. “


 Thirteen is such a scumbag but I can’t help but love his character, he really helps kick the plot into high gear. Yeah, while I’m frustrated with Zero and Mercenary I can’t really blame either of them too much. Merc has abandonment issues and it’s pretty clear he always has that at the back of his mind, His entire life has him as an outsider, while she does have the right to be hurt she is aware that Thirteen pulls this crap and she was inconsiderate the fact that her companion is a beast fallen and not a human.


 Then again, you have to account for her spending her entire life inside a cave, with her kin. Social interactions is not her fortè. If she is good at getting what she wants or not, we don’t know. We only know that Thirteen implies she gets it. The looks she got from the townspeople and the infatuated clothing merchant was probably just her beauty, rather than her manipulation. I think it is unfair to assume she willfully manipulates people around her. There has already been a couple of scenarios where simply manipulating everyone would be of use, but she refrains from doing so. Manipulating people is as far from getting a peaceful coexistence as you get.


While Merc has his issues, all of the bargaining chips lays with Zero. She has a ridiculous amount of power over Merc, which she never uses. She uses him to sleep on, for gods sake. If that isn’t showing your vulnerability, then I don’t know what is. To be honest. If your relationship is so brittle, that it can be destroyed by a man you met a couple of hours ago (who gave you a concoction that may or may not be your remedy) and says your friend is a bad person, then it is not worth protecting?




2 thoughts on “Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 6 Review

  1. This episode really did inject some much needed tension into the series. Hopefully it does something with this next episode and I’m curious about how they are going to turn themercenary around to come back to Zero because it is almost certain he will.


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