Fukumenkai Noise Episode 5 Review


I never thought the slow monotonous backstory would play out to give the characters in this anime such depth but that’s exactly what happened in this episode! Momo has a weight on his back holding him down and preventing him from coming to grips with his true feelings for Nino. To him, his memory of her is singing simply because you love to. Part of his self-loathing is that he sold out, and not just sold out but sold her out as well – selling songs he wanted her to sing. He’s not horrified that he was wrong. He’s horrified because he pushed her towards selling out as well, and tainting her pure singing with the frustration and bitterness that’s clearly on display in her vocals.


And then we’ve got poor Yuzu who is a bystander to the conflict between Momo and Nino but is entangled in his own struggle to reach Nino with his feelings… I can feel the struggles of the characters and the emotional battle resonates in a way it hasn’t before in this anime! That audition was painful to watch. Not only because we’ve had enough of “twinkle twinle little star” in previous episodes, but also because Nino was rejected in such a brutal way, and then tried to defend herself. Well, one might think she’s disillusioned and now will give up? Nah, she still chases for Momo with even more effort. Not sure if passionate or stubborn, but maybe we will see her grow into proper yandere?That would be fun.


I have to admit that I love this weird mix of Grunge with J-rock that is the trademark for the group. Probably my only gripes in this episode was the CG in their live event (thank god it was only bits & pieces and not bigger cuts like in the first episode) And I also hate it when I’m right, about Momo hiding himself from Nino due to his parents debt. Speaking of Momo’s parents, seems like his mom is aiming for role mother of the year. Nice touch.


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