Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho Episode 4 Review


Storytelling wise, I feel like the pacing is still somehow slow. I guess the show is trying to develop more in terms of relationships, specifically Zero/Mercenary. The two are really starting to accept each other more during their journey. It’s not really contributing anything to the story but not entirely pointless either. Wholesome episodes like this should be the norm of anime instead of generic beach episodes :v . My only wish is that the opening wasn’t so horribly mismatched with the actual show.


Although not a narrative focused episode, I nevertheless enjoyed this episode quite a bit. A thing that strikes me with this series, much like the prior, episode is its very eased and relaxed tone. And much like last episode, it did that very well. The bit I particularly enjoyed was the montage with the group traveling. The music and imagery complemented each other so well and was paced perfectly in my view. But these kinds of relaxed episodes wouldn’t be as enjoyable if the characters aren’t likable.


Albus surprised me with his development. I liked him, but really I didn’t see much to his character. Learning about his parents and how he despises those who hate witches but not all humans was surprisingly refreshing. And with the cliffhanger which was excellent, I have a feeling that the next set of episodes will deal with him. Overall, this series has been a blast to watch through. While I do have some minor issues with the beginning of the episode (a slow start), as a character building/development based episode it succeeds. In case you’re wondering where the hell have I been for the pass 3 days….*whisper* I was just being a lazy blogger.


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