Fukumenkai Noise Episode 4 Review


This series sure likes background stories. We got more storytelling about Nino’s past while in the present, she continues to sing. It had much less cliche and cringe, which is a huge plus, just the lalala was a bit annoying again, but fortunately it was shorter than in the earlier episodes.  Yuzu is actually not a bad person – he doesn’t want to give Nino to Momo (which is understandable), but still makes sure she takes her chances to pursue her desire to meet him. Seems like he’ll try to conquer her heart in the process, or be here when she’s heartbroken… don’t know it it’s possible though since Nino is so damn hot-headed and crazy about Momo.


They changed some details from the manga though such as the scene where Nino finds out the truth and a certain scene of the Inohari members. This show is slowly getting better, and I’m actually starting to enjoy it on some level. There’s definitely some interesting thematic aspects to this series, but the execution of them is overall just very lacking. Nino/Alice’s uselessness is pretty annoying as she seems to mentally break down at the smallest of problems, and the drama is unnecessarily overdramatic. It’s a show that could have been good if it wasn’t for its lacking execution.


This episode has made me realize that no matter how much I want Yuzu x Nino to happen there is no chance in hell it is happening with Nino obsessing over Momo every episode,(the same goes for the manga) and then giving Yuzu no chance. Her saying Momo’s name like 10 times an episode doesn’t help either, so I think its time for Yuzu fans to pack up, and go home because I have already started packing.


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