Fukumenkai Noise Episode 3 Review


Hello to all of our fans anxiously awaiting our next post. We again apologize for the delay, lol who am I kidding. But I’m REALLY SORRY.  m(。≧Д≦。)m Finally plot is starting, very slowly… The main plot could have been interesting if they took a different approach and there are some good moments here and there but the dialogues are the epitome of a cringe. Got some backstory on Yuzu and his lack of singing in addition to learning more about Momo. So far this series is being faithful to the original manga, but considering that we are only 3 episodes in, I’m concerned about how far through the story can go, or if they will start skipping some parts from the manga. This show seems like it will probably not get a second season, but I’ll have to look into manga sales and do some research about how it’s doing in Japan.


The first half of this episode was actually pretty reasonable. When this show isn’t being ridiculously overdramatic it actually isn’t as bad. Nino seemed to be a lot let useless and whiny than in the first two episodes and actually got some shit done. I quite like the fact that Nino has a great voice but no technical experience. Despite the first half being surprisingly alright, the second half was more stupidly melodramatic than ever. This episode took two steps forward in the first half and then two steps back again in the second, ultimately just ending up still being incredibly mediocre.


Alright Fukumenkei Noise, you got me. Even with all the hints in the OP and from how the characters talked around it, I didn’t understand where this stuff with In NO Hurry was all going until the reveal at the end of this episode. In retrospect, I’m surprised I wasn’t able to figure it out until now, so you get a lot of points for that. I was really hoping there’d be a bigger focus on the music. Maybe the second half will pick up on that but I’m not itching to hear a thousand more lalalas until that happens. And I really don’t think it does the manga justice. It’s a lot better seeing the art of Alice’s (Nino! God I really should stick on using either her nickname or real one.) amazing singing and imagining what it sounds like, but the reality in the anime just doesn’t live up to it. I’d advise anyone that’s considering dropping it to at least try out the manga!


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