Alice To Zouroku Episode 2 Review


 Hey guys, sorry this is a bit late. I was really busy and didn’t have time to watch this anime until now. So looks like Sanae has a pretty sad backstory about her parents being dead and Zorouku taking care of her. I might be reading to much into that interaction but Sana is a brash, overconfident super-human who talks all the time of making Zouroku her servant but instantly gets concerned that Zouroku might get worried about her. Goes to show just how much of an impact that Zouroku already has on Sana. My biggest gripe is that there’s still no reason for me to be attached to Sana in any way. She’s gone from needlessly bratty and demanding to curious and somewhat vulnerable, which is progress, but a cute character design with a cliche sad backstory isn’t really enough. At least Sanae is fantastic.


The show hasn’t touched on the facility very much this episode, though what we did see of it was about how Sana first was. It seems that she doesn’t even know when she first got to the facility, all she knows is that she always was there. Sana saying that “I was happy every day there” seems to fit with my theory that the facility aren’t total shit heads. The only big question is what happened far beneath the facility. We only saw a brief scene, so not much can be said other then that it involved a lot of that power, and some blood. Accidents can happen when working with children, especially if they have reality bending powers. I think I’ll keep thinking that the facility aren’t the real bad guys this show for now.


The overall tone of the show is pretty lighthearted and it never lingers on the heavy stuff for too long, just enough to provide us with some backstory. I’m interested in finding out if whatever happened at the research facility was completely accidental or if were they trying to push the experiments too far.


Tell us what do you think ?

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