Fukumenkai Noise Episode 2 Review


How many fucking times does she have to sing LaLaLaLa?!! I swear if those kids were my neighbors, I’ll beat the shit out of them until they see the twinkle little star around their heads… if you can’t sleep that doesn’t mean I can’t sleep too BRAT -_-; . Man I like this series so much. It’s just the singing that kills me. I’m now conflicted between dropping this out or continuing it for the awesome In No Hurry’s songs… I don’t think that I can tolerate any more Twinkle Little Star and LaLaLa for the next few years after hearing them in some loud and high-pitched voice every 5 sec. Those songs are her Groot’s “I am Groot”, but in a much less cuter and random version.


We’ve got entire episode full of backstory, I really doubt we’ll get more than that. They are neighbors, childhood friends who happened to like to sing – that’s about it. And because Momo was so reliable and nice, Nino grew fragile and weak (can’t say the same about her voice though). My only complain about this flashback is that Arisu’s and Yuzu first time meeting feels a tad unnatural, he was there when Arisu needed a replacement for Momo. But I guess it could have been worse. I’m still not sure who to root for. Yuzu comes off a bit scummy by giving Arisu false hopes about finding Momo again and deep inside hoping she nevers finds him. And we’ve only seen Momo in his childhood years so I expect some change in the current Momo. There’s gotta be a good reason for him not to contact Arisu as soon as he returned (I hope it’s not the lame ass excuse his family were in debt and had to run away).


Lastly, I’m digging a lot the idea that some of the support cast will be entangled in this messy love Polygon. Who would have thought that girly blondie was actually in love with Miou.(I honestly thought blondie was gay, with him using atashi and generally being girly, lol.) All I could think about this episode is that I’m amazed at the number of times Saori Hayami had to scream and sing at full force this episode. I can’t even imagine how the recording for this episode must’ve been. Poor Alice though, that kid probably has some serious trust issues with these guys just suddenly vanishing without goodbyes from her life.



4 thoughts on “Fukumenkai Noise Episode 2 Review

  1. I love the description of this as a ‘messy love polygon’. It really created an interesting visual of what was going on with the characters. While I was interested in this it didn’t come out on anything I could watch and from the initial reviews of it, I’m pretty sure I would have dropped it at this point anyway, though it would be interesting to see if anything develops as the season goes on.

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