Kabukibu Episode 1 First Impressions Review


Kurogo Kurusu, a high school student who loves kabuki so much that it’s annoying. Kurogo yearns to perform kabuki as part of a club at his school, but currently his school doesn’t have a kabuki club. So Kurogo sets out to create a kabuki club, and his first order of business is to gather members. It’s not that I don’t like kabuki—if anything, I’m angry that they butchered it so bad


 The animation is exactly what you’d expect of Studio Deen in their Sekaiichi Hatsukoi days. Tonbo is a tool. Kurogo makes me want to punch myself in the throat. They fail miserably at the usage of a traditional, papery art style as a motif, as seen in the opening, which is superimposed sloppily with the insipid art style that is used in the show primarily. The concept of kabuki itself is presented in a way that reminds me of those low-budget health videos from the 90’s that they showed you in school to try to convince you not to do drugs.


I wasn’t expecting much from this show, but I’m still surprised given how fresh and innovative the story turned out.  The episode wastes no time in setting up its premise and the characters’ personalities are established with no significant issue. The character desgins are okay, but then again, did you expect anything else from CLAMP? Kabukibu manages to strike up a good balance between engaging story and relaxed comedy; obviously a good thing because I doubt the series would have sold otherwise. Maybe I should continue on watching to see how it goes?


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