Clockwork Planet Episode 1 First Impressions Review


One day, a black box suddenly crashed into the house of the high school dropout Naoto Miura. Inside it was a female automaton. The endless cycle of failure and success.
The world that does change and the mankind that does not change. At a time where reality and fantasy are screaming, the encounters of these two make the gears of fate move! Oh boy, here we go again. Sigh, first, I want to say I read the manga/Light Novels (Translated). So obviously I’m the idiot who compares the Anime to the Original (I can’t help  it). Something no one apparently should ever do. Without further ado lets start with why the first episode of my most anticipated anime of the season is a total trainwreck and hopefully just a bad start to a decent show. (;¬_¬)


Let’s start with the narration at the beginning of the show. Like they said the world ended … but not in a way we all would expect. No. Scientist simply calculated the date for the end of the world wrong and because of this humans no longer have the resources to trigger a war. The world is also perishing, but it’s so slow that there is no real sense of dread, so humans don’t panic. It really just ends. No big bang, no last struggle just puff over. But then Y appears and remakes the planet out of gears. The only think that looks good in this anime are the animated gears, while the rest is mediocre at best.


It’s been a while since I have seen a first episode that was this disappointing. That intro of them fighting was totally not necessary, they should gave that time to introducing at the very least Naoto (the MC) better. There was so much dialogue that wasn’t presented in a natural way. For example, if they had given those 3 minutes of them fighting at the beginning and used them to introduce Naoto properly, we may have known in a more natural way about automatas. In the novel we start with his school day (in the anime he comes back from it) where we learn that he is a total nut job. He has an automata fetish (like most of us After Nier Automata XD) and is a social outcast because he doesn’t interact with his fellow classmates. But he doesn’t care because 100% of his interest lies in automata. What do we get here … nothing.


Story was generic, really nothing particularly original happened in this episode, though it does have that fairly interesting premise so I expect it might get a little more interesting in later episodes. Is there a reason that anime can never really get the steam-punk atmosphere down. Sure there was Kabaneri but we all know how that went. This time the animation just feels even more clunky. Going to give this one more episode before I just give up and wait for Violet Evergarden. Anyway. It is pretty generic but I still do suggest reading the manga. I have read it and they pretty much rushed the first episode.


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