Re:Creators Episode 1 First Impressions Review


I literally went in not even knowing what the show is about. Compared to most of the shlock I’ve seen so far for this season, I’m kind of impressed? The animation is great and I’m mostly liking the characters so far. Though I wonder how many of these characters being brought into the real world could suffer an existential crisis. Finding out that your life story from beginning to end was made by someone else, but by being where you don’t belong you are suddenly freed from your predefined story. At first I was confused on what she meant by “This is the world of the gods.” And then I realized gods = authors. I wasn’t expecting this kind of premise and I sure am surprised.


I like the show’s main idea of “what is the opposite of your generic trapped in another world Light Novel anime?” Well, what if the light novel characters were trapped in the real world? And, from that idea stems both some awesome action set pieces. TROYCA is really pulling out all its tricks here, as this episode looks absolutely stunning from start to finish. Hiroyuki Sawano’s soundtrack, while similar to everything he’s done since Gundam Unicorn, still sets the hype levels high, and it’s at least as good as his work on Aldnoah.Zero, so far. But, I’m going to be honest. This first episode of this was pretty disappointing. Way too much opening narration (especially with repeating phrases that meant the same thing repeatedly). I guess it got the point across but there really is so much more impact story you can fit into that time frame (if they reduced redundant opening narration at least).


As for things I didn’t enjoy, I don’t know what to make of that post-credits scene it was both random and jarring and I’m disappointed in the real-world effects of anime characters appearing and doing battle in the city were downplayed. We saw attacks hit real world buildings, but not anyone reacting to danger or getting hurt. If that’s indicative of how the reverse-isekai thing is going to be played, then I’ll feel like this show is missing out on part of its potential. Then again, the narrator’s injuries instantly became scars instead of bleeding when he got cut, so maybe there’s something weird going on with how the anime characters interact with the real world. At least it probably won’t be a secret war or anything if the introductory battle got so much attention.  Not close to being a strong opener but not the worst either, so I’ll give this at least the first three episodes before I’m fully deciding. Hoping it deals more with the existential crisis of meeting your maker and not just become a generic action anime.


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