Kuzu No Honkai Episode 12 Review


The one thing I’m sure I didn’t like was the huge amount of focus on the cultural festival, that was a lot of waste on an episode that should’ve been all about tying loose ends. They didn’t show Hanabi getting yelled at all that much. There were a few brief gags, but no more than necessary to establish context. As far as Hanabi’s meeting with Mugi, it’s also probably better we didn’t get a full recounting of their conversation. The dialogue we got was so tender and heartfelt that it would have been hard to keep that emotional tone through some long, repetitive storytelling.


But we get what we need to know: the two of them reached an understanding, and they’re finally opening up to one another emotionally as opposed to physically. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved another half episode or so, but I do think they effectively used what time they had. At the end of the day, I enjoyed watching it; it’s a more cynical take on the romantic-drama genre. The suffering in this show is so subdued by it’s empty nature though, even when the characters are going through their tribulations it doesn’t really hit as hard because of how much of a scumbag or broken every part concerned ended up being, in other shows all the tension would’ve normally be the cause of the broken characters and cause tons of melodrama but in this show it’s just about themselves solving their own issues.


I’m going to miss this show. It was refreshing to have a mature view on romance for once. The characters were unique and terrible, but couldn’t help but like them. Akane was the worst of them all, but you couldn’t even fault her because she knew she was terrible and didn’t expect a happy ending. Despite that, she still got one and I could see her changing in the future (in my mind). Probably the most heartbreakingly (It actually made me shed a few tears) satisfying ending I’ve ever seen. Everyone had a hard time, everyone takes something away from the experience, and with any luck, they improve as people. But whatever comes next in each life is its own story, which this one is not concerned with, so it feels very satisfying to me, despite just about no one getting what’s sought after.



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