Kuzu No Honkai Episode 11 Review


Just as I was expecting, this episode ended in chapter 45 Touch A. Those picture frames were anime original if memory serves me right. They did add a nice touch to project the many faces of Akane. Akane & Kanai love scene was even sweeter than in the manga, the soundtrack adds a lot of ambiance to the series. Mugi’s goodbye scene was as poignant as it was in the manga. Even scum characters deserve some happiness and the joy of moving forward in life. One episode left and two manga chapters to fill in. This can either end as the nicest ride of winter season or the biggest train wreck.


Kanai might have his reasons for loving Akane but whatever they were, be it his lingering emotions for his Mom’s death or whatever, his unconditional love and acceptance of Akane’s habits succeeded in instilling hope in a person as broken and twisted as Akane. His acceptance gives her courage to try and become a better person, it gives her a more positive outlook on life. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t smiling throughout this whole ordeal. Whether Akane deserves him or if Kanai is naive. I remember manga readers saying that people will get more mad with future events but honestly I’m pretty eh with it. Everyone should get a chance for happiness so seeing Akane find herself was kind of fun and rather fulfilling to see. That said I’d better see a happy ending for Hanabi cause they gave Akane out of all people a “happy ending”.


I will say though that the show’s focus is rather confusing at times. It started off with Mugi x Hanabi events and since then we’ve had a pretty big focus on Akane. I do enjoy the show though and I’m quite intrigued with what will happen in the finale! Throughout this whole series, I’ve been trying to figure out what is it the author was trying to convey through this messed up story of broken people. I couldn’t figure out what it was I was supposed to take away from a story like this, was it just guilty pleasure? I finally found it, It’s a very simple lesson, something a lot of people find it hard to accept but it is possible, “People can change.” No matter who you are, you can change be it through your own will (Hanabi) or with the help of others. (Akane) This right here is in my opinion the moral of this story.


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