New ‘Free!’ Movies Announced


It has been announced at the Free! Starting Days event held on Sunday that the previously announced Free! anime will be two-part recap movies. Titled Free!: Timeless Medley, the first part Kizuna will recap the story about Haruka’s trouble, while the second part Yakusoku will recap the story surrounding Rin’s trouble. The movies will premiere on April 22 and July 1, respectively, and include new scenes. STYLE FIVE will perform the theme song titled “RISING FREE.”

In addition, a special anime sequel titled Free!: Take Your Marks has also been announced for screening in Fall 2017. The story will take place during spring before the graduation and will consist of four stories.

The Free! series is based on the High☆Speed! novel series written by Kouji Ohji and illustrated by Futoshi Nishiya. It has received various anime adaptations by Kyoto Animation, with the latest one being the prequel movie High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days, which premiered on December 5, 2015.


4 thoughts on “New ‘Free!’ Movies Announced

      1. Well…I’ve never watched the series myself, so I don;t know how much story there is in it. From an outsider’s viewpoint, I seriosly doubt there’s enough there to make an hour + movie.

        But hey, SAO managed to do it. OHhhhhhhh!!!

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