Kuzu No Honkai Episode 10 Review


“It’s probably because I was born a slut.” I loved this line so much. I’ve never loved a character and wanted to stab a character so much at the same time. Seeing how Akane’s inner dialogue self is the opposite of Hanabi, where Hanabi’s is a kid but in Akane’s inner thoughts she is the kid, was interesting. When Akane talks about how she’s “a dirty slut” and then rattles off her motivations to Kanai, again I thought it was really interesting that not once in that entire monologue does she mention that she enjoys sex. We’ve already known that Akane gets off on manipulating other people, but this episode was interesting to me because it suggests that she doesn’t really give a shit about sex, either, and treats it as a means to get what she wants.


It seems less about her changing and more about us coming to realize who she really is. Mugi sees Akane as a final boss he can’t hope to defeat, but also as the most fragile one of them all. Hanabi is on the path to realizing that relying on others for your own self-worth is an untenable position, but Akane has been living that way this whole time. Her natural desirability is the only thing keeping it together, and it’s easy to see how unreliable that could be.


And I actually don’t know if we’re going to see her get her comeuppance, because it doesn’t feel like the show is going that way. They’re all bad people, yeah, but other characters have done things that are just as bad as what Akane has been doing (I’m specifically referring to Ecchan and Mugi) and yet the show isn’t really punishing them for being bad people. With 3 episodes left, we may get something resembling a happy ending after all.


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