Kyō no Go no Ni Review


If you have not seen the OVA I would recommend not watching the OVA until finishing the TV series. That way you will not feel let down. It was like Tenchi, I first saw Tenchi in Tokyo and enjoyed it, then I saw the OVA and was blown away. For what it’s worth I rather liked the TV version (my absolute childhood favorite anime). The OVA had the ecchi and more perverted stuff apparently, but I don’t think they’re really missing that much from this one. A light-hearted story of a normal, average day told from the perspective of the 5th graders themselves, That sums up Kyou no Go no Ni (Today in Class 5-2). It’s a enjoyable show, with enough comedy to last you quite a long time. While there’s not alot of actual plot, there is however, the hilariously mischievous cast of 5th graders that we get to watch, being themselves.


There’s not really a story, unless you count each day a different plot a story. There’s three periods per episode, 3 different events unfold. Whether it’s being locked in a storage room with the girl of your dreams or rocking out with a broomstick, each episode leaves you giggling uncontrollably. It’s pretty straight-forward: 5th graders being 5th graders. I was fairly impressed by the overall pacing of the animation. Each episode was very well drawn out, not leaving one detail untouched. The character designs were, to be blunt, cruddy. I’m not a fan of animes with characters with big eyes (Clannad is a prime example, mostly visual novels), which is an immediate thumbs-down. 


Sato Ryota is your average kid, mischievous and always pulling pranks. Take that and multiply it by 6, and you have the whole cast (Minus some of the females). Most of the cast keeps this behavior for the entire show, but I really enjoyed it. Most shows have these same kinds of characters, but they end up failing because of one thing: It DOESN’T work for them. It works for Kyo no Go no Ni because it’s a school comedy with some ecchi overtones. I also liked the opening and ending themes which were sung by the entire cast and it’s quite catchy.


From start to end, I started watching Kyo no Go no Ni with one thing in mind: Let it stay light-hearted the entire way. It did, and I couldn’t explain how enjoyable this show was. If you’re looking for light comedy, look no farther. Kyo no Go no Ni is a pleasant experience, just right.



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