Aoharu X Kikanjuu Review


Initially the anime feels like something quite similar to Ouran High School Host Club as the protagonist is a girl (Tachibana Hotaru) crossdressing as a boy who ends up becoming indebted to a popular guy (Matsuoka Masamune) who works as a host in the city. This notion is then quickly proven highly inaccurate as Matsuoka forces Tachibana to come join his “survival game” team and participate alongside him in an upcoming tournament. The story itself could be much better if the pace were slower. If the actions, games and such were more detailed, with more depth. Still, I liked the general idea of the survival games and tournaments and such.


The writing for this anime is bad. Terribly bad. The games themselves make no sense whatsoever (more on that later), but even ignoring that part the overall plot progression is simply all over the place. Initially, Tachibana thinks the airsoft games are childish and stupid. Then after playing *one* game she suddenly thinks they’re the greatest thing ever and has become a full-blown addict. Sounds believable, right? Oh and you know how she originally joined the team because of a debt? Yeah that plot element is just handwaved away in a split second as if it never existed to begin with, completely ruining the entire premise of the story, yet it just keeps on going as if nothing ever happened. As for the story, it needs a second season, definitely. Also, there’s quite the plot hole going on with the antagonists, since there’s no reason behind their behavior. However it also has points to love, for example the friendship between the protagonists that grows with every episode and, also, it kind of surprise that some characters are not what they seem, there’s more than meet the eye!


It may be annoying because there’s no development of characters, for me Tachibana Hotaru is a promising main character, but there is a lack of background story, or intentions, that make her character quite annoying or plain. For example her sense of justice would be enjoyable if there would be a reason behind it, a story to tell us why this character think that way, but, as the story progress, it tell us that her sense of justice is not what we all think of, hence the lack of explanation. But, Tachibana is also someone who stick to her ideals, values friendship and inspires others to go on; which makes her someone to admire, in some kind of way. But, not every character lack a past of some kind, Yukimura is an example, you can watch him grow as a person and actually be fond of him as he helps each of the main characters to do what is right for the team, he has a background that explains his insecurities. Though sometimes his character might be annoying because of the unnecessary ero-anime love he has.


The voice acting of the characters were really good they all matched up perfectly. Tachibana Hotaru’s voice actress was really amazing personally because her voice really did sound a lot like a boy’s voice at some points and it really made the character fit in to her role perfectly. The opening to Aoharu x Kikanjuu is great especially how the actual characters are actually singing the opening which makes the voice actors and opening in this anime the more better. If this were to be dubbed I think it wouldn’t be to the standard of the original voice actors. During the scenes that unfolded during the anime, OST’s were played and they all absolutely fitted into the scene and mood and the soundtracks was also one the aspects the exceeded my expectations for this anime.


The animation is very not that realistic but it very good to the extent that you can see everything clearly. The animation is unique because it really achieve certain moods throughout the series. I personally think this is the animation that would be the best for Aoharu x Kikanjuu i wouldn’t ask for a better animator. Overall, I recommend watching it because you may enjoy it, is not an anime for everyone, that’s for sure, but you need to be patient with it, also the whole idea of survival game is really refreshing and unique, the art is well done, and the story is not so bad, so why not give it a try?



2 thoughts on “Aoharu X Kikanjuu Review

  1. I liked some parts of this show but overall the writing is pretty terrible and the plot makes zero sense. I watched it through once, didn’t mind it enough to stop watching, but I would never recommend it to anyone.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.


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