Makai Ouji: Devils And Realist Review


One of the most curious plot I’ve seen in my anime watching life. The setting was good, the time was good and, well, I did get a bit disappointed. The plot was amazing at first, even though sometimes it was quite slow-paced ( I could live without some “filler-esque” episodes). The episodes were hilarious, or dramatic, but even so they didn’t fled the main theme of it, The story revolves around William Twinning who comes from a wealthy family and possesses extraordinary intelligence. He is also supposedly a hardcore realist, so hardcore that he still claims to not believe in anything other than science even after just being slapped in the face by a demon.


Despite being a realist, William is constantly surrounded by demons who are all desperately fighting for his attention because he is a descendant of King Solomon, who has the power to elect the next ruler of hell. And if you’re hoping for some BL in this anime I regret to inform you that you will be greatly disappointed.  All in all, the story is weak with no character development and doesn’t really go anywhere beyond flashbacks of Solomon the king pimp and demons fighting over the throne in hell.


This part of the story was what originally attracted me to watch this show, I was pining for a good plot with a dark philosophical undertone somewhat like Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji (mind you, the manga not the anime). However all that it turns out was Solomon pimping out demons all the way back in the biblical times and William Twinning being a little twat and using everyone around him to further his academic career. The demon and non-demon characters are all pretty one dimensional and predictable. Basically the entire show was a flatline, nothing special and nothing particularly interesting. At the beginning it shows some promise by leaving a few mysteries here and there which is why I actually stuck with it for 12 episodes, only to find a wall at the end of the tunnel.


Sometimes the show budget is godlike, and the art sucks, sometimes the budget is low, veeery low, and the art is crazily good. This time, I can say, the budget is low, and the art sucks. Repeated scenes! At this time and day! Nothing leaves such a bad impression as the art, and it was terrible. The opening and ending art were good. The sound is in great quality (of course, this varies with your video server). The voices match the characters perfectly. You can tell that the voice actors didn’t slack off in voicing their characters, as everything was very synced, and the sound effects and fight scenes were very well captivated. Also, the OP & ED soundtracks were great, in my opinion and they matched quite well with the series.


I don’t know what to say here except that I kinda liked it? The plot was unique, the setting was unique (have I told you guys that I love the Victorian theme?), the art was the bad part, but the characters compensate this loss with their awesomeness. Maybe a bit too many fillers/straying away from the plot at times, could have more action in fight scenes, a bit rushed due to only one season.  And you should never judge a manga-based series from only watching the anime. However if you’re thinking about giving this series a shot I highly suggest that you skip straight to the manga. Nothing more to say, watch it and take your own conclusions.



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