Chou Yuu Sekai Episode 1 First Impressions


1/10 is a rating I never thought I would ever put on an anime, they are times when hate can influence the way I rate anime but I am sure this is not the case this time, the reason being that this anime pushes the limits of how much calculated an anime can be, it was almost like looking at a very terribly choreographed dance routine, everything is trying and failing to sync with the other and end up making one terribly awkward experience. I can’t believe I wasted 12 minutes of my life watching this crap.


I don’t particularly hate harem, Sci-fi, School, Rom-com anime and I usually don’t mind if the story has some cliches here and there but Chou Yuu Sekai: Being the Reality  description made it seem like it was gonna be one of those cliched anime with at least some sort of an interesting plot. But noo~. “Reality becoming indistinguishable from the game” for absolutely no narrative reason other than “holy shit, monsters are attacking and stuff.” with no explanation or exposition at all. The way the characters interacted with each other is super awkward, the world around them is boring even when the city is being turned upside down by a giant monster. And let’s not forget the MC! I think they wanted to make a self-righteous character who enjoys fight and smile even in the face of danger but all I saw here was a guy screaming in joy as the city is being demolished by giant monsters as if he was viewing a live show in Akihabara.


I’m not gonna lie though. The animation is pretty good, it’s almost comparable to Japanese animation (Yes, apparently this is another Chinese animation). But what really throws me off from watching their work is that, most of the anime they make seems lame and ridiculous to watch (To be honest, this is probably the worse one I have ever seen) and I ended up dropping it out when I reach on 2 or 3 episode. So far its doing good but I have a feeling I will drop this soon lol.

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