Kuzu No Honkai Episode 7 Review


I’m glad the show called out the toxicity of Moca’s self-delusions. She’s like the female embodiment of the nice guys syndrome, and has brought upon all her pain and suffering, due to her own behavior of not accepting rejection, rationalizing herself as the victim, and then going out of her way to emotionally manipulate Mugi into keeping her around, and hoping that just her constant presence in his life is enough to make him fall in love with her. The way she shifted mindsets and explained her “cuteness” persona really surprised me. It’s similar to Akane during her first introduction in a way where we see her outer persona but gain some insight to how it developed and why she is. It’s overall a fascinating take for me.


I’m starting to like this sleaze guy too. Because he’s probably the only character that actually knows what he wants. Like dude he ain’t here to waste time, he’s tryin to get what he wants, and if not, moves on and keeps going. Then we get all the MC’s running around like chickens with their heads chopped off, but still capable to fuck. But this was a really good episode. I’ll be honest, after last week I was worried the show might be going in a direction I wasn’t fond of, with the characters throwing away their humanity, pretty much, and becoming cartoonishly evil, but this episode showed their human side a lot more, so even though they’re doing some stupid and cruel things, they don’t come across as ridiculous. Which is good!


So yeah let’s focus on Moca again, a lot of people found Moca very annoying when she was first introduced in episode 2 but I have to say I think I like her more after this episode, it shows she knows she’s living what is basically a delusion. That extra depth makes her much more likable as a character. Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship continues to be the most genuine seeming one in the show. Their little stabs at each other and the fact that they clearly understand each other more than other people do makes me hope they at least end the series not hating each other. I don’t think they’re ever going to fully realize that what they want is almost certainly worse than what they already have, but that’s human emotions for you, they don’t make no god damn sense.


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