Digimon Adventure tri. 4: Soushitsu Review


So here we go…after a long await that is. It has been a long wait since the third film of the Digimon Adventure Tri. Franchise, Kokuhaku, has aired. As it ended on a cliffhanger, many Digimon fans could not wait to see what would happen next. Unfortunately, Soushitsu, the long-awaited fourth film, does not fulfill all expectations satisfyingly. From the last movies we could already expect that the digimons didn’t have any memories of the digidestined, but did they really have to stall for 3 episodes, 75% of the movies?!


Moreover, since when has a rookie level Digimon done anything to a higher level Digimon, in the first episode of Digimon Adventure the whole gang used their rookie level moves on a champion level Kuwagamon with barely any results and now some newborn rookie Digimon pulls out a 10 second stun on a mega level Machinedramon with a bark!? At this point I’m just dumbfounded, didn’t the team do any research on the material they’re working on? Then we have Wargreymon smacking Metalseadramon around in the water? Wait what? Gabumon’s breath move damages Metalseadramon’s chromedigizoid head with more results than any we’ve seen before? I could go on but you all get the point, this is beyond ridiculous. 


In general, the comedy in this film is superior to the others’ and even though the situation the children are in is much more dangerous than it was before, the humor does not feel off at any time. Sadly, the story progresses unfavorably as some events are unnecessary. They seem to only exist for the sake of fan service and while this is not inevitably a bad trait for a film, it does not contribute to anything in this case. Soushitsu is supposed to focus on Sora and Piyomon. However, it does so unsatisfactorily. While it is commendable that the development of other characters is not neglected, Sora’s and Piyomon’s feels forced and out of place. Piyomon does not act like it was before and while it is obvious that it is confused due to the events in the previous film, it does not explain the behavior towards its partner. Their story concludes tolerably but, at the same time, predictably and generic. Luckily, the other children and Digimon do not suffer from the same issue and are relatable as ever.


As for characters I’m still an avid hater of the Mei-Mei duo. To be honest at this point I’m starting to think the only good thing going for Meiko is her stockings. My feeling when I watched all 4 epsiodes was: what a load of crap, did I wait 5 months for that? A minimal progress to the story that could have been solved in one, maybe two episodes, but no, they had to do it in 4. I’m so frustrated! We don’t know what happened with the digidestined from season 2 yet, we don’t know what is the relation of hackmon on the story, there are more question than answers and there is not much time left. Compared to the other tri films, this is the weakest. It was not inherently awful but many events would have been much more satisfactory had they been handled differently – this especially applies to the end. That being said, I did enjoy Soushitsu a lot and even though it did have weaknesses…


Tell us what do you think ?

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