‘Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry’ Staff Members Announced


The 12th 2017 issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine has revealed staff members and a new key visual for the upcoming Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry movie. The main cast members will reprise their roles from the TV anime. Three new original characters have also been announced, however, their voice actors have yet to be revealed. The movie is slated to premiere on May 6.

Director: Tatsuma Minamikawa (Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru storyboard)
Chief Animation Director, Character Design: Yuuko Yamada (Persona 3 the Movie 4: Winter of Rebirth)
Script: Shouji Yonemura (Hunter x Hunter (2011))
Storyboard, Executive Producer: Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail original creator)
Music: Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail)
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Distribution: GAGA


31 thoughts on “‘Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry’ Staff Members Announced

  1. Someone better die in this movie. I don’t care who. Long term Manga readers know what i am talking about. Though I’d prefer it not be Juvia or Gray. They are my favorite ship. However for the sake of story I’m willing to sacrifice them for the sake of at least one death. If it must be one of them make it memorable.


      1. Well sort of. It’s not explained very well. He had this whole demon powerup and it looked like he was going to have this awesome knock down drag out fight with Gray but he didn’t. It was just a tease. Then he becomes human simply by “choosing” to be human. Looks it’s dumb and you can’t go looking into the logic or that’s not how genetics work in your universe.

        My comment was mostly focused on how despite the Alvarez Arc being the final arc and an all out magical war on the Kingdom of Fiore that no one has died. Plus all the bad guys despite being built up as insanely powerful are defeated without a single casualty.

        Also they robbed me of a Gruvia moment. I’m a big Gruvia fan. Gray is my favorite male wizard. And I love Juvia. She’s so sweet and has a naughty kinky side.

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      2. I think they sort of are. This arc being the final one in the manga has let many ships sail. Gajeel kissed Levy 🙂 It was sweet. I’m pretty sure NaLu is being saved for the end.

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      3. See that’s why I want Gruvia to have a turn. They are basically going down the list and confirming ships. I won’t lie to your the plot is super tropy and predictable. But god he teases with the ships so much we have to consume each chapter.

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      4. Ok sure. I don’t really have a twitter or social media set up for this yet. I wasn’t sure how big it would grow. But you can find me on Google+ as Carlo Longoria if you want.

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      5. Like we got some Gruvia. At least a little we got teased with Gruvia but he never says anything to her face only when she is unconscious. It’s so not fair. She has been waiting for you for years in manga time. Be a man and tell her face. And a kiss would not hurt either.

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      6. I think I get why. They are one of the most popular ships. It’s honestly had such a huge buildup and fans eat it up. Mashima knows this. He draws several drawings on twitter with them together. One of my favorite is Gray looking up her skirt in the Grand Magic Games by accident. So yea he is probably waiting for the right moment.

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      7. They have a great arc together. I do get that Fairy Tail is mostly about friendship but they are not just friends. They haven’t been just friends for a while.

        At this point he is clearly just messing with us by having him admit some things to her when she is so hurt she cannot hear him. Juvia wakes up later and swears Gray kissed her in her sleep. It didn’t even happen on panel. It was such a rip! I would have taken the whole Sleeping Beauty moment.

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