La corda d’oro: Blue♪Sky Review


I decided to watch this because I had watched the first two seasons. I was curious to see how this would turn out. I would say it was similar to the previous seasons. The plot was focusing on the competition and it was about Kanade getting back her love for music. As opposed to the first season, where the main character was able to play violin because her instrument was magical, I would have preferred this one, where the main character was a violin prodigy to begin with. It felt like everything she achieved was through her own hard work and it made the story easier to relate to. But I got to say, this series is such a disappointment. This one is even worse than the average otome game reverse harem adaptation; even Kamigami No Asobi is doing a better job of keeping me interested.


The story’s just about her ensemble practicing and partaking in the music competitions. There are some moments where they have fun and take breaks, but they don’t really do anything to really develop the characters and make them more well-rounded. This is one huge flaw of the series: the characters. Their designs are generic, and their overall characters are really bland, only having one or two personality traits besides an obsession with music.  While it’s great to like something and be passionate about it, there’s a fine line between being passionate about music and acting like it’s the only thing you live for. Here? EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER acts like not winning the music competition is tantamount to having absolutely no reason to exist, like devoting their lives to music defines their very existence! It’s like these people are absolutely obsessed with music to the extreme! I may like drawing and writing, but I don’t act like drawing and writing are God!


But these aren’t the only problems the show has. There’s only twelve episodes, and there’s so many characters that there isn’t time to develop them. I know nowadays anime are mostly commercials for manga or light novels or games, but that’s still no excuse to not utilize the story and characters. While I do admit the anime has a great soundtrack as I’m a fan of classical music, sometimes I feel like certain BGMs during scenes get abruptly cut off when transitioning from one scene to another, making it feel like the creators couldn’t use pieces that actually felt complete in its designated scene and just used BGMs that went over the scene’s duration time. It just felt really jarring to me. Not only that, the story doesn’t have very much scope, and the characters’ unhealthy obsession with music just makes it come off as superficial. The lack of development for the characters gives me no reason to care about them or their plights.


This isn’t to say the anime is outright bad. For example, I was pleasantly surprised by the voice actor choices in this anime. It reuses a lot of actors from the first La Corda anime, but this anime does interesting things with the actors. Instead of having them play the exact same type of character, it makes them play against type. For example, Jun Fukuyama voiced the woozy, quiet, and spaced out Keiichi in the first series, while in here he plays the loud, opinionated, hot blooded Kyoya. Reiko Takagi, the voice of Kahoko in the first series, uses a much higher voice for Kanade. Kisho Taniyama does the voice of the stoic, blunt, and cold Len from the first anime, while in here he plays the loud, flamboyant, and also blunt Chiaki Togane (the blonde guy who plays the electric violin). Masakazu Morita plays the cheerful, friendly, and outgoing Kazuki in the first anime (who actually appears in this anime along with Len as cameos! The reason being that this anime takes place eight years after the first anime) while here he plays the scary looking, delinquent-like but shy Hozumi. It’s always fun to see voice actors go against their typecasting every now and again, even within the same franchise! Not only that, the anime has done a lot of research regarding classical music and instruments, even electric violins, which aren’t shown in the first anime. It’s always nice to see different kinds of instruments, both old and modern. All in all, while I may have been a bit harsh some places, this is still nothing but a disappointment.  It could have been worse. If you like classical music, check it out. But don’t expect a well rounded story with well developed characters.

5 thoughts on “La corda d’oro: Blue♪Sky Review

  1. I’ve seen the first two seasons of this franchise and enjoyed it. Was always keen to check this out but sounds disappointing from what you have expressed. Don’t think I’ll bother checking out this series your review was helpful for me 👍🏼

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  2. This review made me want to rewatch the entire series. I knew I finished this, but I can’t seem to remember much of the characters’s impact just like how the first La Corda installment did (which I prefer more). And I agree, this might’ve been better if it’s given more episodes (same issue with most short-anime series nowadays.)

    Thanks for reviewing!

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