Gabriel DropOut Episode 1 First Impressions


Let me start by saying that this anime was a lot better than I thought it would be. Normally, I like to wait for anime to finish airing before I watch them, but this season I wanted to try something different – so I chose something I thought would be average. So far, this anime seems to be pure comedy with no plot to be seen – just four cute girls living their lives on Earth, doing cute things. However, even without a plot, it’s not at all boring nor average like I had assumed it would be. The protagonist of the story, Gabriel, was a kind, top tier angel who always helped others. However, after coming to Earth she developed an addiction to online video games and became incredibly lazy. I love how much of an asshole she can be to the others, it’s a fun twist to the happy and kind main protagonist we usually have in these type of stories.


The character design, backgrounds, and overall art style of this anime is well executed but nothing mind blowing. The reaction faces are so great though, I laugh a lot with them. It’s worth saying that, compared to other Doga Kobo works, there haven’t been that many greatly animated parts so far. However, the story itself doesn’t really have that many moments for them to happen and when there is the chance, they are done and look great, so I have no objections. The sound department is mostly what I expected from a comedy anime, with songs that fit well with the tone, but aren’t really memorable.


The characters are very likable, funny and their character designs are simple but still stand out. The roles of angels and demons have switched; the demons are pure while the angels are immoral/careless. Our first angel and the main protagonist, Gabriel, was once a hardworking student and is now a lazy shut-in (she’s actually more happy to be a fallen angel more then anyone else) who skips school and couldn’t care less about anything other than her MMO’s. Raphiel, the 2nd angel, happens to be a very sadistic character who slyly portrays herself as the nice girl. And the last two demons are Vignette: a very mature demon, and Satania: a demon who tries too hard to be evil but fails miserably. In conclusion, Gabriel DropOut is a very entertaining comedy anime that plays with the interesting idea of angels and demons and subverts your expectations of what their personalities should be like.



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