Little Witch Academia (TV) Episode 1 First Impressions


If anything, the story of Little Witch Academia feels like a Harry Potter in an all-girls school, and that’s not at all a bad thing. The way this show handles its plot progression and phasing is greatly reminiscent of how its been done in previousTrigger produced shows such as Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill, as in at first glance the stakes seem tiny and insignificant but as the show progresses, the stakes get increasingly more and more meaningfull and intense. If previous shows by these people are anytihng to go of, the characters will eventually go to space to fight for the survival of mankind. Although I have a slight hunch that this show won’t go down that road and that the story will take a bit of a back seat to the characters. Also, I feel like that it’ll borrow many elements from the slice of life genre such as not having a single big overarching story, but rather a bunch of small arcs spanning one to three episodes at most. Only time will tell if my hunch is correct.


With the show being made by studio Trigger, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the show will look absolutely stunning. Exemplary of what anime can be. Every frame is beautifully hand drawn in a way that looks both meticulous and full of love of the craft. The animation is smooth and extremely detailed in its movements. The art style is extremely vibrant and it somehow feels very cartoonish from time to time but that is once again not a bad likeness since it really manages to give off the lighthearted tone that the show is obviously going for.


The side characters are all great in their own right, but the main three are really the best that Little Witch Academia has to offer. Main character Akko is a perfect blend of annoying and endearing, and she sucks at magic just enough to act as an audience surrogate without being irritating about it. She is also a curious mix of plucky idiot and self-centered asshole in a way that really shouldn’t work but somehow does anyway. Lotte, the most reserved member of the main cast, is the perfect balance of chill to Akko’s complete lack thereof. Her presence really grounds the cast as a whole, as she is the most “normal” character of the bunch. Sucy, the third of the main characters and hands down my favorite, is a joy to watch. She is cynical, sarcastic, borderline evil, and a perfect wild card to pull the group into and out of danger with her dangerous potions and even more dangerous lack of safety standards. All in all, a great group of characters on which to focus our story. Trigger shows often get branded as “brainless dumb fun” and in some cases I have to agree with that statement, but I do believe that this show won’t fall into that category of shows.


Tell us what do you think ?

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