Kuzu No Honkai Episode 5 Review


It seems like our main couple’s loneliness stems from the same place: fear of abandonment. In Hanabi’s case, she and her mother were abandoned by her father when she was a child, leading her mother to become emotionally dependent on her when she was far too young to handle such a burden. Soon, Kanai was the only person that Hanabi could express her true emotions around, allowing her to idolize him as the only one who wouldn’t be “burdened” by these small expressions of her true self. But now that role is gradually being filled by Mugi instead… Speaking of Mugi, if it seemed wrong to you last week that such a perceptive guy could be fooled by Akane’s angelic facade, then you’re a pretty good judge of character yourself. While he probably doesn’t see the full picture behind her sex addiction, he does know that it exists, which has taken him from mild infatuation to a full-blown savior complex over.


 I feel Hanabi feelings much more in manga but I need to watch it since I want to know what is going on in anime. I know many people who can’t be alone due to very similar reasons to Hanabi’s, such as her father leaving her. Therefore, I can sympathize with her even though she might be making regrettable decisions because I’ve seen others go through similar heartache and acting irrationally as well. There is a reason for the sex too, It isn’t just fan service. The characters need the love and attention of another person which is a very real problem that many people experience. The sex scenes aren’t made out just to sexualized the characters or just for the sake of drawing people in. They exist to show how their heartache is affecting their life choices and forcing them into sexual relationships that they wouldn’t choose to be in otherwise. The sex scenes are more tragic than anything else.


The only satisfaction I have is probably watching the ‘villain’ AKA Akane because she’s so savage. And it’s not even her character because, I mean, her purpose in this series so far as it was so obviously stated is to basically mess with our main characters. I bet she’s going to be sticking around messing everything up and creating this ‘drama’ that just leads to more ‘drama’ and angst. I mean, in a way we really get a closer look into the thoughts of the characters, which I suppose was interesting. To me, right now, it seems like someone who calls herself a scum realizes it, still holds onto her wishes, her love, but keeps realizing how messed up she is and then kind of just goes to people to fill her emptiness and takes advantage of others. Wow, makes you just love the main character doesn’t it. Everything about this show has been fantastic, the score is perfectly timed for every climactic scene, the editing is perfectly utilized to illustrate the feelings of the characters, and the fantastic writing forces me to love a full cast of immoral and irrational characters without coming off as being unrealistic like most shows with similar plots. Also I agree that they’re both definitely falling for each other subconsciously. Hanabi seems to be almost self-aware of her feelings now that she’s becoming more and more persistent. And that ending killed me as well even though I saw it coming. I have a feeling I’ll be more relieved than sad when this is over because I won’t have to have an anxiety attack once a week anymore lol.


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