Kuzu No Honkai Episode 4 Review


That BITCH/relationship destroyer is finally showing her true colors. Okay, I don’t like Akane one bit. She is an absolute monster who gets off on the suffering of all those with any shred of love in their hearts. Not only does Hanabi recognize what she’s doing, but Akane doesn’t try to hide it whatsoever, and makes sure Hanabi knows she is her enemy. It really sucks that she ended up with a twisted sense of personality or whatever. While she does mention that she feels no superiority by doing whatever she does in her flashback, what she’s trying to do to Hanabi seems exactly like her trying to show superiority and also makes her come of as kind of a sadist in wanting to see Hanabi suffer. Well, obviously you’re not supposed to like her but she feels way too cliché  for an evil character to be taken seriously for me.


 The females in this anime are the most complex of them all. Akane a truly twisted character out there who live on the high of seeing someone being hurt bad emotionally.
Ecchan on the other hand, she so obsessed over Hanabi that she used emotional blackmail in a sense to force her desires onto Hanabi knowing very well that Hanabi too caring and kind and submissive to say no as not to hurt her.  I love how Hanabi stops herself from hurting Mugi, how she analysis every thought and feeling she has. She knows where she’s wrong …She wants to stop but doesn’t have the courage to. After digging into just how disgusting Akane is, learning that Kanai actually has the most innocent ideal of romance makes him, as he describes to himself, the most boring character in this mess of sexually twisted individuals. Moca is the only one left; I assumed that her childish personality was hiding some disturbed demons like everyone else, but I suppose it’s possible that she follow more of Kanai’s path. Surely there is some unique twist to her situation, though, as everyone in this show needs their own tick.


Nice to see some actual personalities flowing through this series, instead of generic glorifying women as some mere plain saints, it shows how some truly are, manipulative masters, and loads of different faces for different cases, to claim something over another.This show is so full of crappy selfish scumbags and overall terrible people and Kanai looks so out of place here lol. I don’t think I’ll come to like any of these people, but I do find things kinda interesting and worth watching. Plus there’s a hot lesbian turning her friend into a homosexual.



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