Kuzu No Honkai Episode 3 Review


Yeah this show is a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. It is hard to believe we are still on episode 3. We got very tense character chemistry between Ebato and Hanabi….. Yeah, she’s not even trying to hide those feelings now. With every passing episode I feel more and more like this show will become a high quality School Days. ATM I feel like someone is going to get raped, a lot of hearts will be broken, and someone will end up dead. I’m betting on either Hanabi or the music teacher LOL.


For me, the highlights of this episode were the various facial expressions, especially from Hanabi (who is growing on me quite a bit, actually much more than during the manga). I like her intelligence, self-awareness and general perceptiveness – except for Ecchan, whose feelings she did not pick up in time. I wouldn’t say that she is already falling for Mugi. She is clearly suffering in her current predicament, and she’d wish to break out of her cage of empty loneliness. But she’s still in love with “oniichan”. What she has with Mugi is companionship, which she would like to develop into love – but she’s crying while saying so. This is brilliant, but it’s really starting to get depressing for everyone involved now. I thought Mugi’s reluctance to have sex with Hanabi before was out of some form of kindness or something, but it seems to me that he might be at least partially scarred and confused by his experiences from junior high.


I couldn’t believe how well-handled Ecchan’s confession was either. While it’s slightly unfortunate that her impetus for falling for Hanabi was grounded in being saved from a molestation incident, the reasoning that urges her forward still felt pure enough. I love that Hanabi was so surprised by the kiss that she almost had no choice but to just allow it happen before she could even process her response to it. Even she wasn’t sure if her gentle rejection was because Ecchan was a girl or because it was all too sudden. I like that the show doesn’t give a black and white answer to that situation. It allows the viewer to wallow in that grey area, where real life relationships actually tend to exist. Moka’s plea to Hanabi reinforced Ecchan’s question of “why does it have to be Mugi?” Hanabi’s feelings were really put to the test this episode. I don’t know if the door is closed on Ecchan forever, or if Hanabi is just comfortable with Mugi now, and will change her mind later on, but either way, I love how naturally her thought process played out. I also absolutely loved the music that played over the scene where Hanabi is walking through the school grounds on her way to confront Akane. Turns out the tutor is a cigarette-smoking full-of-shit liar just like Hanabi suspected. I love how that undercuts her moe-girl personality, which as Hanabi noted, was just a farce. One thing’s for sure, Akane’s innocent personality is all too obviously an act. (Because she’s a BITCH and I read the manga.)


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